His name is Nothing Beats A Bud….we call him “Clancy”. He is our senior AQHA stallion 22 years young. He is listed with the AQHA and APHA. We love his daughters. They are our best broodmares. His son TM Smoken Drifter has become an awesome sire himself.



Blue Max

1993 APHA Black Overo Stallion. 


Throughout the history of the American paint horse there have been few stallions to leave their mark on the breed.  Blue Max is one of those stallions.  Siring multiple World and Reserve World Champions, Blue Max offspring have won 10,000+ points in 18 events with 131 Register of Merits, 45 Superiors, and 8 APHA Champions. (Can you name 18 different events? Talk about versatility.)  Blue Max is the All-Time Leading black and white APHA stallion.  His positive impact on the breed continues to be talked about on the Internet, at the shows, and at the barns around the world.   Blue Max was truly an extraordinary sire.

Become a special part of history with your own son or daughter of Blue Max. You can purchase an own son or daughter from our herd.  Blue Max foals will arrive in 2013.  Reserve early.   Worldwide shipment of BLUE MAX  foals and bred mares available. Blue Max was homozygous for the black gene.   Contact us by phone: (435) 896-4283 or e-mail:


MDP Maxwell Smart (call name: ‘Max’)
APHA # 454,828 1998 Black/white Overo Stallion

MDP Maxwell Smart (aka MAX) is an own grandson of the world reknown BLUE MAX.

We had our first foal crop in 2008 and they were fabulous. For this reason we purchased all the remaining straws of frozen semen from BLUE MAX.

For more information regarding frozen semen go to this page on our site.) We look forward to linebreeding for the ULTIMATE MAX.

Our Max is a wonderful stallion to ride, easy to be around, and great to handle. Max colts are easy on the eye, elegant, with great temperament to do any event.

He is perfect gentleman and knows he’s something special. His colts are too. His foals sell FAST. If you want one be sure to contact us. We currently have a waiting list.

MDP Maxwell Smart

Here’s his pedigree:

Max grazing in his paddock




 Nothing Beats a Bud (call name: ‘Clancy’)

AQHA#3023058 1991 Black stallion

Clancy is our senior stallion.  We have owned him since he was two yrs old. He was trained in reining and ready to compete as a 3-year-old when he was injured in an accident.

We have kept most of his daughters who are in our broodmare band.  Clancy has a gorgeous head, big hip, lots of cow and a temperament to die for. Clancy produces ELEGANCE on the big, soggy bodies mares. He passes on his beautiful head too.

His colts are so easy to train and fillies make great mothers.  We have been so impressed with his produce that we kept a son of his as a replacement stallion. Clancy is registered with the APHA and throws LOTS of color.

Nearly every colt has a dorsal strip and his beautiful head and wonderful temperament. Here’s the latest photos at 21 years of age. Clancy is still playing the paddock.



TM Smoken Drifter (call name: ‘Drifter’)
AQHA #5049568  2005 Bay/Rabicano Stallion (He has a dorsal stripe and produces it)


Drifter will be our replacement for our senior stallion and his sire “Clancy.” His dam Susie Driftin Smoke is probably our best producer.

Susie is an own granddaughter of Mr. Gunsmoke, a granddaughter ofDoc Bar, Cutter Bill and King Fritz. Check out her pedigree:

All of these immortal stallions are right on her papers.  We have kept two of her daughters, one in our broodmare band has already produced an outstanding black stud colt by Max. Regarding Drifter our trainer remarked, “This is the kind of horse that makes a trainer look good. He will do anything I ask. He is very talented.”

Unfortunately Drifter was injured at 2 yrs old so his training career was cut short. But take a look at the photos of Drifter’s sire. With a gorgeous head and conformation, an uncompromising pedigree, and trainability, it’s hard to go wrong.

Drifter sired two buckskin stud colts already. They are really eyecatchers, easy to work with and beautiful to look at. Anyway you look at Drifter, he’s just pleasing to the eye.



Here is a gallery of our stallions:

  • MDP Maxwell Smart (aka MAX) is the black/white paint stallion
  • TM Smoken Drifter (aka DRIFTER) is the bay quarter horse stallion
  • Nothing Beats A But (aka CLANCY) is the black quarter horse stallion (photos were taken at 20 yrs of age)