Yes, we have black & white paint horses

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Yes, we have black & white paint horses

To be clear, Thunder Mountain Paints and Quarter Horses offers fancy, black and white American Paint Horses.

Our black and white horses are descended from “Blue Max,” who was internationally recognized, quite simply, as one of the finest horses to have ever lived.

If you would like to purchase stored semen from Blue Max, or are looking for a beautiful and distinctive black-and-white painted horse, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here is one of our horses, descended from Blue Max, out for a winters’ run:


  1. i would like to find out more info on your black and white stallions. are they standing at stud in 2014?

    • MDP Maxwell Smart is standing at stud to a few approved mares. Shipped cooled semen. Max ships very well. Please mare information with photos and let us take a look. Thank You.

  2. I am looking for a black and white paint for a trail horse. I want a horse that is very gentle, and nice enought for my grandchildren to ride. Do you have anything like that?

    • Sorry, I don’t check the website posts as it has been under construction. Please check us out on FACEBOOK. Regarding a trailhorse, I have an older solid black gelding Thunder Mtn Zorro who is gentle. We give lessons on him all the time. If you are still looking he is 12 or 13…I have to look at his AQHA registration papers again.

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