Our Five Phases of Training

Who wants to ride an ugly, belligerent, untrainable horse? We don’t and we believe you feel the same way.  With this in mind we began our horse breeding program and we’re starting on our fourth generation of colts. This is our program.

We have five phases of training:

Phase I: Beginning with the newborn foals all are handled from birth and most are halter broke prior to weaning. They are taught to load and haul with their mums and have their feet handled.

Phase II: Weanlings and yearlings are handled on a daily basis; learning patience by earning their PHD (post hold degree). They are groomed, bathed. loaded and hauled and continue to have their feet handled and trimmed.

Phase III: Two-year-olds are sent to our trainer learning more grooming and feet etiquette. They learn to stand quietly to be saddled without the use of a halter, ridden with a rope swinging over their heads, stand quietly in bucking chutes and alleyways, and follow a mechanical cow around the arena.

Phase IV: Three year olds spend the summer on the mountain with the young buckaroos moving cows, hauling salt, crossing deadfalls, swimming in the reservoirs and rivers, dragging fence posts, calves, and chasing the deer and elk. When we get these colts back in the fall they have had LOTS of miles put on them and their attitudes reflect it. When you get off them and drop the reins they stand and wait patiently.

Phase V: We rest them for a couple of months, get their weight back up and then it’s off to the trainer for arena work. There the 3-4 yr olds learn how to give to the bit, break at the poll, give to the leg, lope easy collected circles, change leads on command, back up quietly and sidepass. Roping training begins as does a little cutting and herd work.

They are now ready for whatever direction, event,  or competition that suits the buyer. Replacement fillies are required to complete phases I thru IV before being put in our broodmare band.