What We Breed For

We breed for and require:

1. Kind and willing dispositions

Horses with nasty temperaments, obnoxious and destructive habits will not be tolerated. This includes our breeding stallions. Our horses are easy to train and retain what they’ve learned.

2. Sound structure  and pleasing to the eye.

This includes lots of bone, big round foot, proper bite, well-set hocks, deep heart girth, clean throatlatch, sufficient withers to hold a saddle in place, flat knees, well-laidback shoulder, big hip, wide-set ears, large kind eye, large nostrils, cow sense and a balanced conformation.

3. Pedigree

This does not necessarily mean what’s new and popular in bloodlines today. We have bloodlines that have stood the test of time by producing consistent soundness, conformation, temperament and trainability.

4. Versatility

We breed horses that will rope, rodeo, chase cows, swim the river,  trot along the rail, and then babysit the kids. Our horses enjoy their jobs and look good doing them.

5. Color

Everyone has a favorite color. We like black, black & white, buckskin, palomino, gray, grullo, bay, and dark cherry red sorrel. Our mares have been hand picked as fillies (never been bred before as we don’t want some one else’s headache) or we have bred and raised them ourselves.

6. Guarantee

All horses are sold  as represented with an unconditional 72 hour guarantee or complete refund is given.

We are Hall of Fame Rottweiler Breeders and look forward to accomplishing much with our horse breeding program.

For more information, list of upcoming sale horses, reservations, or references please e-mail us at: tmhorses@gmail.com or phone us at: 435-896-4283 (mobile: 435-979-7744).

We appreciate the following poem written by our good friend and trainer Jerald King

At the base of Thunder Mountain
Lie hearts born free

Tasting freedoms given from hearts of warriors,
past and living

Soldiers’ dreams, giving all they have
allowing us at Thunder Mountain to pursue our passions.

Pastures full of foundation mares with thunder in their hooves
and kindness in their eyes.

Offspring bred to work for dreams-
May our help yours.

Thanks, from all of us,
as FREE hooves thunder on.