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The EYE of ‘Hawk’. Thank you Trudy.


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2016 FOALS. They are here and they are BEAUTIFUL. All are registered and ALL are 5 panel N/N for all diseases. We had all the mares tested earlier this year. Although we have NONE of the problem bloodlines, we felt as breeders it is extremely important to know our herd is CLEAR of any and all genetic diseases. Weaning time is just around the corner. ALL foals have already been halter broke and had their feet trimmed multiple times. 100% color this year



If you’re looking for a stallion prospect look not further. TM Cache of Gold is the TOTAL package. He is parentage verified and will be N/N for 5 panel because of 3 generations of N/N. Correct, cute, soft eye, big hip, black feet, and a pedigree to die for. Like his sire he’s going to be BIG and stout with lots of cow and eye appeal. Not to mention all this wrapped in the perfect cream coat. He has exhibited roan so he may be a palomino roan. Catches you in the pasture, easy to trim his feet, and halter.  We would keep him but darn near everything on our place is related to him.  He’s definitely going to make someone a super nice stallion or geld him and watch him catch those roping steers.









blue-roan-filly-2016 blue-roan-weanling-filly

Talk about FANCY. His name TM Picasso Chex.  Another BIG fancy colored colt by MDP Maxwell Smart out of TM Copper Chex.Picasso is smart and correct in every way. Beautiful head, BIG hip and black feet. His FULL brother TM Remington Chex is on his way down to NRHA Hall of Fame trainer Doug Milholland. He’s excited about getting Remington in training for reining after riding him in Colorado in August.














TM Pirates Lass (pending) BLUE ROAN filly who started out a smutty buckskin. Color expert at AQHA says NOPE she is going to be blue roan. BIG…we put the string to her and she will be 16 hands.

Sire: TM Knightnwhitesatin X Dam: TM Shes Informed by The Informant SI 111 Stakes winner of $356,000.




























 TM Panda Moon

This colt is so BIG he has a difficult time nursing. Cute head, BLACK as night and puppydog temperament. May be HZ for black. He’s for sale.  His dam is our GO-TO horse for anyone wanting a safe mount. We can put her away for a year, bring her fresh out of the pasture, saddle her and away they can go. NO buck, bite or kick. This colt has the same temperament


















Our entire 2015 foal crop was sold in utero. Also check out the 2014 foals on our Ranch and Rodeo horse page. Only a couple left for sale. See you there. 

Here are a few photos of our 2014 foal crop. LOTS of color. All have been sold.

UPDATED photos of 2014 crop. Only a couple colts left for sale. This black white is definitely a stud prospect. He’s gonna have size, a BEAUTIFUL head, balanced conformation and of course that black/white color. Good disposition. Been handled too death, trim his feet, load him in a trailer, easy to catch…we’ve done all the ground work. IMG_6648-001 

IMG_6652-001TM Midnight Moon rear

TM Midnight Moon leftside

Pony quarter mix filly Phantom Coco Rio daughter

TM Midnight Moon rs TM Midnight Moon left side 2IMG_5375-001

TM Midnight Shadow right sideTM Silver N Blue rear 2TM Midnight Shadow front 2TM Midnight Moon right side headTM Silver N Blue left sideTM Vanilla Mocha right side





















TM Silver N Blue left 1























TM Bear Tracks. TM Smoken Drifter son

TM Bear Tracks. SOLD 
TM Smoken Drifter son




TM Remington Chex

TM Remington Chex  SOLD


TM Remington Chex sire: MDP Maxwell Smart dam: TM Copper Chex

TM Remington Chex  SOLD
sire: MDP Maxwell Smart
dam: TM Copper Chex


TM Phantom's Melody Welsh Mtn Pony

TM Phantom’s Melody
Welsh Mtn Pony








TM Numberone Batgirl sire: MDP Maxwell Smart dam: TM Smoke N Dakota

TM Numberone Batgirl
sire: MDP Maxwell Smart
dam: TM Smoke N Dakota












TM Silver Bullet Grullo stud colt

TM Silver Bullet .   He’s SILVER grullo and he’s BIG. At only 2 months old he is already halter broke and leading. He is stallion quality with that beautiful silver color, zebra striped legs and a BIG wide dorsal stripe. He has a long, elegant neck (something you don’t see with the grullo color) and a gorgeous head with a big hip. He’s got it all…conformation, color, temperment and probably homozygous for the black gene.  He is sired by Clancy (Nothing Beats A Bud) Dam:  Majestic Blue Lady.  We will be repeating this breeding.

The Erickson family from Iowa sent these photos of their latest additions. Hawk has a little sister (FULL sibling black overo filly on the left) they call Leia. On her right is Luke a dunalino son of TM Diamond Rio and FAX Mr Sammy.

Luke is already picking up his feet like an old pro. Tom needs no halter. Leia loves her hugs. Both foals have the same good tempermants as all the good horses from Thunder Mountain Paints and Quarter Horses.

She’s only a week old and she’s grulla/dun      (Name pending:  TM Dun N Champagne) SOLD

Here’s some updated photos at 2 months old. We will be calling her TM Dun N Champagne

It was hard to take these photos because she wanted to be scratched.

“It’s TOO hot mom, can I just put my head in the shade under your belly?”  We call TM Diamond Jubliee. She is 2 months old here.  Her Sire: TM Smoken Drifter X Dam: Diamond J Tee. Jubilee is built like a TANK with a beautiful head and neck.

Here’s another photo of Jubilee.

Talk about fancy with lots of CHROME.  TM Pirates Treasure is truly a ‘treasure’.  Pictured here at 2 months with her dam.  Sire: TM Smoken Drifter X Dam: Thunder Mtn Piratess by Stakes Winner Pirate At Forty TB.  This filly is already SOLD.

We think TM Pirates Treasure is going to be fancy like her sire.


Here are some photos of our recent foals!

“Hi…..My name is Jessie and now live with my new owners Karen and Steve in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”

“Here’s me with my mom when I was only a month old.”

TM Smokin Jackie Bee (new owner Jerold King, Wales.

“Hi….I’m a son of MAX and my mom is Babe. I live with owners El and Patricia Sorensen, Koosharem.

Awesome buckskin colt by Clancy. He belongs to good friend Julie Rogers, Kanab.


All our foals are handled from the day they’re born. Here’s Amber and Lucky ( TM Lucky Diamond) when he was only hours old. Casey Jones owner

A few of the photos show how gentle and approachable
our foals are. It’s not very often you can walk up to a foal in the pasture that is laying down and allows you to pet it. It just doesn’t happen very often.


Her name: TM Shes Informed   Sire: The Informant   Stakes winner of $350,000  Dam: Thunder Mtn Piratess by Stakes Winner Pirate At Forty TB

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